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Dumpling Soup

Once upon a time...

The story began at Bang Pho Market, Bangkok, Thailand forty years ago when Ying's mother successfully established Thai market stalls. After many years of  learning how to cook authentic Thai Food from her mother and other cooks in the market. Cooking fulfilled her passion and gave her happiness. It created a way for her family to survive through the very hard day to day living conditions in crowded Bangkok.

We decided to move the family to Melbourne in 1995. The following year we opened a little Thai shop called "Ying Thai" on Victoria St. It was destiny for Ying and her mother to cook again. Ying Thai has served authentic Thai Food such as fish cakes, curries and many more dishes since.

In 2015 we decided to move the restaurant 500 metres eastwards and refashion it as the cool, fun name "Thaiger Rabbit" with funky decorations. Some of our friends advised that we should use the same old name as the last nineteen years "Ying Thai" but hey it was 2015! We stepped forward and used  "Thaiger Rabbit" instead.

"Thaiger Rabbit"s name is derived from the two animals. Tiger is symbolically brave and strong and is
represented by spiciness and strong flavours. Kind and soft, the Rabbit offers a gentle and soft side to Thai cooking.

We believe it's not about the name. It's all about our cooking and we believe in our mother's and grandmother's authentic Thai  recipes. And that is the story behind Thaiger Rabbit by Ying Thai.

Ying Thai Richmond
Thaiger Rabbit Neon Signage
Fire Cooking
Authentic Thai Food Victoria St
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